At Ali joko ak Jade, we blend sustainability, comfort, and luxury into clothing designs that make day-to-night transitions as easy on your planet-loving conscience as they are on the eyes. With natural fibers and West African prints, you will feel and look good, honor your heritage, and protect the environment at any hour of the day and all thanks to one pair of pants.

Our partnership was made in Harlem, where the Dakar-born designer Alioune operates his shop. Ali has been designing clothes for more than 30 years, first under the tutelage of his uncle in Senegal and then out of his brother’s East Harlem apartment before expanding to his own brick-and-mortar.

Ali joko ak Jade is Wolof for Ali & Jade Partnership, and we believe humanity’s first partnership is with the planet. We honor that partnership through a sustainable operation, down to our compostable packaging. Each order includes a special thank-you gift to celebrate the partnerships that hold you.

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