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Ali joko ak Jade

A partnership designed with you, the person who loves a day to night option, in mind. We believe sustainability, comfort and luxury can be made into a jogger.

Meet Ali:

Alioune born in Dakar, Senegal has been designing clothes for 29 years. Contributing his craftsmanship to his uncle, Ali took a leap of faith and his skills to NYC, starting out in his brother's apartment in East Harlem. Eventually, expanding into his own shop.

Our partnership was born & made in Harlem.

We pride ourselves on partnership and sustainability, our packaging is compostable, so our thank you gift had to follow suit. We are sharing our Ali joko ak Jade postcard, with you. Every purchase will receive a blank postcard & it is our hope you pass along the note to someone you’re partnership with…

We have even added a Senegalese sentence starter for you “Jerejeuf _____ si jokobi…”

Wolof translations:

Jerejeuf _____ si jokobi means Thank you *insert a name* for your partnership

Jerejeuf means Thank you

Ali joko ak Jade means Ali & Jade partnership

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